We offer 12 months guarantees on the repair we do. All repaired phones are covered by a twelve months warranty for the treated fault. If a part is faulty, we will replace it, unless there is evidence of physical impact damage, misuse of device or liquid damage. For details please read full term and Conditions here

Term and Conditions

The terms set out in these Conditions of Repair (“Agreement”) shall apply to the service we provide to repair your smart phone, tablet, laptop and/or any device(s) listed (“device”) on the on the form.

Reference to “us”, “we” and “our” refer to iRepairZone and references to “you”, “your” and “customer” are references to you, the person addressed on the agreement form.

Before you go ahead and choose to do business with iRepairZone, we recommend that you read the following terms and conditions carefully and make sure that you understand them. Please note that before placing an order you will be asked to agree to these Terms. If you refuse to accept these Terms, you will not be able to order any services from us.

We aimed to provide our exceptional services for our valued customers, anyone book an online appointment for repair, needs to register on our website. The ability of the registered users to comply with the terms and conditions mentioned herein determines the acceptance or rejection of the order by our side. If the order is accepted, a contract is formed between you and iRepairZone.

The contract begins once you place an order with us. After we receive your phone and the payment, the contract will be established and the work on your phone will start.

By using our service, you:

  • authorize and consent to iRepairZone to perform the Repair Services on your device;
  • acknowledge that whilst technicians are trained for repair and is not an authorized service provider for any manufacturer or brand;
  • agree to release, indemnify, and hold iRepairZone and its technicians from liability for any claims or damages of any kind or description that may arise from any repair work performed on your device;
  • agree that where the Repair Services relate (in any way) to liquid damage on your device, the warranty does not apply to any liquid damaged device;
  • agree that any data or information that you may have stored on your device shall remain your sole responsibility and iRepairZone accepts no liability for loss, deletion, amendment to or corruption of such data howsoever caused and iRepairZone therefore highly recommends that you back up your device prior to allowing us to work on your device;
  • agree that you are responsible for removing any SIM and/or memory cards on your device and we shall not in any event be liable for any data loss, corruption, deletion, or alteration, and hardware or software failure;
  • acknowledge that any Repair Services rendered by us may void manufacturer warranties for your device. If you do not wish to void your warranty, please check with your manufacturer or you should not place on order with us and take your device to the relevant manufacturer;
  • agree that it is your responsibility to inform us accurately with regard to the model description and condition of your device, as well as whether any modifications or repairs have previously been attempted or completed on your device. Our Experts will perform a check-in diagnosis of your device to evaluate its/their condition. If the device are in noticeably different condition than previously described, you agree that additional charges may apply which we will advise you of before proceeding;
  • Where the Repair Services involve the repair of water proof devices, iRepairZone cannot guarantee the device will remain water proof following completion of the Repair Services.

If your device is damaged beyond economical repair through our negligence or willful misconduct, our liability will be limited to the cost of providing a replacement with a product that is the same or similar to your device. You have the sole responsibility for any data stored on your device and we accept no liability for any loss or corruption of such data howsoever caused. It is your responsibility to keep a record of any such data.

When sending in a damaged device, our technicians will probably need to open up the device to either diagnose or repair it. This comes with an element of risk and may result in some minor damages to your device. We do everything possible to ensure this does not happen. However, if it does happen and the damages are significant we will offer a replacement or repair. We will not be responsible for any damage or fault caused by a previous repair. In case of screen repair or home button repair, iRepairZone will not be held responsible if the Touch ID feature does not work after the repair is carried out.


We as iRepairZone aims to perform the Repair Services within the timeframe specified to you, the Repair Services may be subject to Situations Outside Our Control, which may include waiting for new spare parts to be ordered and arrive to office. In any event, all times for performance of the Repair Services are approximate only, and iRepairZone will not be liable for any compensation as a result of late delivery of the Repair Services.


Any device shipped to you must test after you receipt. If your device is delivered damaged, unrepaired or with further faults you must inform us in writing within 2 days of receipt. If you do not inform us within 2 days of receipt, iRepairZone shall have no liability if your device is damaged/faulty on arrival. This does not affect your statutory rights, or any other rights under these Terms. All devices we delivered by tracked next day courier but this excludes Saturday and Sunday delivery.

Sending your device:

Please remove all sim and memory cards from your device before sending your device to for repair. The careful shipping of your device to us is your responsibility. If the device arrive with further damage, or is/are lost in transit, you, as the shipper shall bear full responsibility for that risk of loss. iRepair Zone will not be help responsible if any device or parts of any device go missing before your package is delivered to us. Please make sure device and related parts are well wrapped before sending us.

Liquid Damage Devices

Where any part of the Repair Services include liquid damage repairs it is agreed that iRepairZone will use reasonable endeavors to repair your device there is no guarantee of success, and accordingly, we shall have no liability for failing to repaid any liquid damaged device. The warranty and no fix-no fee policy shall not apply to any liquid damaged device.

Diagnostic Services

Where any part of the Repair Services include our diagnostic services it is agreed that the charges for the diagnostic services are payable regardless of the outcome and accordingly, iRepairZone no fix-no fee policy shall not apply. After we diagnoses the fault with your device, we will advice you the cost to repair your device. If you wish to proceed with the repair of such device, a new contract will come into existence between you and iRepairZone. If you wish to proceed with repair, we will not charge you for diagnostic service. If we find that the device is not repairable, the fee for the diagnostic service remains payable to iRepairZone for carrying out the diagnostic services.

No Fix-No Fee

Subject to clause 12 we operates a “no fix-no fee” policy towards the repair of your device which means that if iRepairZone does not repair a device, then you do not pay a charge in relation to the device that has not been repaired. iRepairZone will have no liability to you if it unable to repair your device, as iRepairZone cannot guarantee that your device are capable of repair. Where iRepairZone’s “no fix-no fee” policy applies, iRepairZone shall refund any sum previously paid by you (less, the postage costs of returning the device to you).

iRepairZone’s “no fix-no fee” policy does not apply:
  1. where the Repair Services include diagnostic services; or
  2. where the Repair Services include liquid damage repairs; or
  3. to any element of the Repair Services which have been completed. For example, if your device requires a screen replacement (completed successfully) and fixing the WiFi (not completed), the “no fix-no fee” policy would apply to the costs of repairing the WiFi, but you would still be required to pay for the screen repaired.
Price/Quote Agreement

All quoted prices are subject to detailed verification of each device. The price quoted to you for the Repair Services in respect of each device is an indicative non-binding quote issued by iRepairZone based upon information provided by you in relation to each relevant device, including, for example, the fault on the relevant device.

On receipt of your device, we will check your device. If the fault is same as you describe, we will continue to repair your device. If there is any changes, for example, you send us device for not charging issue but we find that device is charging but we cannot see due to faulty screen. In that situation, we will contact you for price agreement before repair. If you do not agree to the price, iRepairZone shall not perform the Repair Services and shall have no liability to you whatsoever other than to refund any sum previously paid by you to us relating to the Repair Services (less the postage costs of returning the device to you).

If you are a consumer, all of iRepairZone’s prices quoted to you include VAT. For business customers are exclusive of VAT and VAT will be payable on all Repair Services.

We shall notify you when the Device has been repaired and is available for collection from store/or ready to mail. We shall not send your device back without full payment. If pending dues not paid in full within 30 days of repair, we shall retain your device and additional storage/handling fee will apply.

If necessary, we shall send a reminder after 21 days, and if the device has not been collected after 30 days, it will be transferred to our central warehouse for storage. A final reminder will be sent after 49 days and the device will be recycled if not collected by day 60. Any delivery from central warehouse will be chargeable.


iRepairZone’s Repair Services are backed by a 12 month parts and labour warranty except software, battery and liquid damage repair service. Battery related repair cover 90 days period of warranty.

Please note that that the warranty is limited to:
  • Touch/screen/LCD and any other repaired or replaced parts that malfunction, or do not work as intended or designed; and/or
  • 12 months from the date of the original repair. If subsequent work is carried out as part of the warranty this does not extend the warranty. For example, if a warranty repair was done 4 months after the original repair the warranty would still end 12 months after the date of original repair.

The warranty does not protect against any of the following relating any relevant device that is the subject of the Repair Services:

  • any mishandling that causes subsequent damage to the relevant device;
  • water or other liquid damage;
  • damage or faults resulting from attempted customer or third party repairs at any time;
  • software issues unrelated to the repair and/or any damage resulting from viruses or other malicious pieces of software that may have been transmitted during servicing or escaped detection;
  • any jail broken or “rooted” device;
  • water proof devices, as we cannot guarantee the device will remain water proof following the Repair Services;
  • new damages unrelated to the original Repair Services; and/or
  • any loss of data occurring as a result of the repair - customers are advised to back up all data on the device to be repaired prior to the repair. iRepairZone does not accept any liability for data or software which is lost, corrupted, deleted or altered during repair. You accept full responsibility for all software and data on your device and iRepairZone is not required to advise or remind customers of appropriate backup and other procedures.

The warranty does not cover the outcome of the Repair Services if certain pre-repair conditions exist in relation to the relevant device the subject of the Repair Services, including:

  • existence of known manufacturing and/or performance issues related to the device which is separate from the Repair Services, as noted prior to the Repair Services;
  • water or other liquid damage;
  • any jail broken or “rooted” device;
  • pre-existing damage or faults resulting from attempted customer or third party repairs at any time;

The warranty is only valid only for the specific device repaired under the Repair Services and the original customer; it is not transferable across devices or if the relevant devices is sold or given to another person.

Exclusions for Express Service (Speedy Repair)
  • • This service is not available for Liquid damaged devices or ‘Not Sure’ Diagnostic repairs.
  • • Not all devices have the express repair option available, please see specific device page for further details or you can contact us for further details.
  • • The service may be delayed if additional repairs are required (and we have to wait for your approval)
  • • Some repairs required password for testing for example speaker or mic. If you have not provided a valid passcode we will be unable to test your device until passcode received and this will delay the repair.

Any contract can be cancel before you send your device for repair or before we received your device. No cancellations will be made once we start working on your device.

If you sent device already and it is not delivered to our office, you can send us an email about cancellation. However, if we can, an additional postage charge shall be deducted from your repair cost.

We reserve the right to make changes to this website and terms and conditions. We operate a no fix, no fee policy under which we do not charge any fee if we cannot fix your device. However, if you choose diagnose service and we find the issue but you want to cancel the order for whatsoever reason, then we will charge you a diagnostic fee and postage costs. Customer also pays for two ways postage if they decide to cancel the order after posting it to us.

Refund Policy (unless otherwise specified)

If you decide to cancel your repair before any work has been undertaken we will provide a full refund but will charge a return shipping and handling fee. If you paid for the courier collection service, this is non-refundable.

If you order any repair parts, cases and accessories, we offer refund within 14 days of receipt. The product should be in original packaging and in resell condition. If original packaging or product found to be open used, misused or broken due to mishandling or negligence we will be unable to issue refund even that is within 14 days. If the product you brought from us is faulty, we can exchange it for you within 30 days of purchased or we can issue you a full refund within 14 days or purchase.

For used/refurbished mobile phones are sold as seen based which cannot be return/refund if you change your mind. We do not offer any refund if you buying mobile in store as seen bases. Any faulty with used mobile will be cover under our mobile phone warranty policy that will be on your proof of purchase.

All warranties, exchange and refunds only valid with proof of purchase with the description of product or service you purchased from us.

Refund Policy (unless otherwise specified)

If you decide to cancel your repair before any work has been undertaken we will provide a full refund but will charge a return shipping and handling fee. If you paid for the courier collection service, this is non-refundable.

If you order any mobile, repair parts and accessories, we offer refund within 14 days of receipt. Please read our full refund policy here

Opening Hours

Timing Open Close
Monday 9:00 7:00
Tuesday 9:00 7:00
Wednesday 9:00 7:00
Thursday 9:00 8:00
Friday 9:00 7:00
Saturday 9:00 7:00
Sunday 10:00 6:00

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What types of devices you repairs?

As a gadgets repair company we repair all type of mobiles phones, tablet and laptops.

What type of fault your repair include?

We repair all type of faults including, Cracked front screen, Broken LCD, Touch not responding, No display, Battery Problem, Not Charging problem, Back light problem, WiFi Problem, Front Camera Repairs, Rear/Back Camera problem, Earpiece Problem(cannot hear properly), Head Phone Socket not working, Home Button, Power button, volume button, Not turning On, Liquid Damage Repair, Loudspeaker problem, Microphone Problem (other side can’t hear me), Mute Button repair, Rear/Back Cover Repair, Sim not reading, Mobile showing no sim, Software Repair, Vibration Problem, Volume Repair, Full Diagnostic Service and many more Repairs

How long it takes to repair if I choose Walk-in service?

All common fault takes 20-30 minute to repair, we strongly recommend you to book a repair for walk in service to ensure that we have all required parts available in store before you come. Broken screen, LCD replacement, front glass replacements, charging problem, battery replacement, camera replacement and hearing problem are example of few common faults. Logic/Main board level problems normally takes 3-7 days to fix and we will inform you if this applies to you after diagnose.

How long it takes to repair if I choose you to come at my place (Call out service).

All common fault will take 20-40 minute to repair after our expert start work on your mobile. Please book a repair for this service.

Which areas cover in “We Come to YOU Service”?

We come to you service mean one of our expert come to your place to fix your mobile. We cover 5 mile radius from our main office postcode KT1 1QT for this service. Alternatively, 5-mile radius from Kingston upon Thames train station and Kingston town center. That includes Kingston upon Thames, Norbiton, Surbiton, Teddington, Hampton Hill, Twickenham, Richmond, New Malden, East Molesey and many more places.

What if NO appointment available and I want to FIX on urgent basis?

No Problem, if its urgent repair please call us for booking at 07435124848, we will try our level best to help you. Subject to availability of parts and little extra cost if we come to you. Urgent service not offered for postal and courier service.

How long it takes to repair if I use postal service or pick/drop service.

As soon as we received your device, we will start working on it. For all common repairs we will fix your device same day after it delivered to our office. It also depends on the type of the repair need to be done, and the availability of the spare parts.

What is Mail-in Repair Service?

1) Select your device, choose the problem, get your job number. Write your job number manually on a paper or get it from your email.

2) Package the unit in the bubble wrap envelop or Jiffi bag as it may protect wear and tear during transit.

3) Drop it in your local post office. Please send us your items via Royal Mail Recorded Delivery or Royal Mail Special Next Day Delivery, which is insured and trackable.

4) The item will be dispatched back through Royal Mail special next day recorded delivery.

How will my device be returned if I choose Postal service?

All devices we returned using an insured Royal Mail Special next day Delivery.

What will happens if you cannot fix my device?

We are a team of experts and we are confident we can fix all the problems. However, some time there are many factors beyond our control in that case if we are unable to fix your device we will issue a refund if you paid in advance. We run no fix no fee policy.

What if I am not happy with the repairs or have same problem as before?

You can contact us within 3 days of receiving your device and tell us why you are not happy, we can repeat the same procedure to fix your mobile or refund your payment if we cannot fix it.

What should I do before I send the phone?

Keep your Sim Card and Memory Card with you. Please don’t send any accessories with your device.

How long do I have to wait for my device?

It will depend on the type of the repairs need to be done, and the availability of the spare parts. However, in normal cases, you should expect that the phone to be repaired in 24 hours after reaching us.

What happens if my phone cannot be repaired?

If your phone cannot be repaired, you get a refund of the payment you sent.

What happens if I misdiagnose the problem of my device?

If you misdiagnosed the problem of your phone and you paid wrong charges, we will contact you for correction when the phone reaches us and we will advise you what to do from here.

How long do you offer a warranty on repair service?

We offer 12 months warranty on the repair we do. All repaired phones are covered by a twelve months warranty for the treated fault only. If a part is faulty, we will replace it, unless there is evidence of physical impact damage, misuse of device or liquid damage.

Do you charge if device is not fixed?

We won’t charge if we can’t fix it..

Do I need to send sim card with the phone?

Please do not send us SIM cards, Memory cards or any accessories.

How long it takes to get my device back if I use postal service?

As soon as we receive the device, we repair it and send it back to you within 24 hours.

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