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Top 3 iPhone Repair Hacks To Save Your Money

If you are an iPhone lover, you might know how important it is to keep your iPhone functional and well-maintained. And being iPhone enthusiasts, we can relate to the frustration when it gets damaged or stops working. 

What’s more daunting is to shell out hundreds of dollars for a professional repair when something goes wrong. But fear not!

In this blog post, we’ve compiled the top 3 iPhone repair hacks to help you fix common iPhone problems using simple tools and techniques. Not only are these hacks hassle-free, but they will also save you money and time.

Let’s dig into the details!

5 Things You Need To Know About Repairing iPhones

Before moving on to the hacks or repairing your iPhone, you must equip yourself with crucial knowledge. Well, we’ve got some good news for you and some bad news. The good news is that most common iPhone repairs are pretty easy and will only take about an hour. The bad news is that Apple wants you to avoid fixing your own phone, so they put some annoying roadblocks in your way. Here are five things you need to know before repairing your iPhone.

1. Specialised screwdrivers are a must

One of the first roadblocks you will encounter is the need for specialised screwdrivers. Since the iPhone 4, Apple has used tiny proprietary screws called Penta lobes to seal your iPhone shut. On top of that, inside most iPhones made in the last few years, you’ll find another rare bit, the Tripoint. 

Not only are these screws uncommon, but they’re also tiny and extremely easy to strip. Fortunately, if you’re buying your replacement screen or battery from IRepair Zone, our kits already have all the drivers you’ll need for your repair.

2. You may face challenges with adhesives 

Once you’ve got your screws removed, your iPhone is still stuck together with adhesive. The iPhone uses adhesive to secure both its screen and battery. The Adhesive on the display helps with water resistance, and the adhesive on the battery holds it securely in place when the phone is closed. However, trying to remove the adhesive without proper knowledge or tools can be dangerous. 

Removing it too forcefully can damage the sensitive screen or battery. If you encounter stubborn adhesives, solutions like Isopropyl alcohol can prove helpful. These substances help you encounter challenges, like if your battery pull tabs break during removal. 

Be cautious with the thin and delicate display adhesive when replacing it. Although it’s not necessary to replace the adhesive, doing so will restore water resistance. However, the display won’t fall off even if you choose not to replace it.

3. Replacement parts may not function identically

The third thing you’ll want to know is that your replacement parts may not work exactly like the original parts, even if they’re authentic Apple replacements. It’s one more way Apple keeps control over the repair process. Various components, like your screen and battery, can be exclusively linked to the iPhone’s logic board. 

And when you install a new part, your phone may display a warning or some features may no longer work. For instance, a replaced home button might disable touch ID, a replaced screen can prevent you from using the TrueTone function, and a replacement battery might not display accurate battery health information. 

Although these inconveniences are frustrating, they are mostly minor, so you will be able to use your phone as usual for a long time with new parts installed. 

4. Screw organisation is vital

An essential point to note is keeping screws organised during disassembly, and reassembly is extremely important. The iPhone uses a variety of extremely small but differently-sized screws. It’s imperative that they go back exactly where they came from. 

A condition known as long screw damage affects some iPhone models, where longer screws sink into the logic board and damage tiny circuits. To mitigate this risk, using an organisational tool like a magnetic mat is highly advisable. It can help track exactly where all the screws came from and ensure their accurate reinstallation.

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5. Beware of the activation lock

The last thing you need to consider before repairing your iPhone is the activation lock, especially if you’re dealing with a phone that was wiped without disabling the lock. And if you don’t have the iCloud account password of the previous owner, then bypassing the activation lock is usually futile. 

Without that password, the phone is only good for its individual parts. While you may find many activation lock workarounds, they are generally ineffective and leads to wasted time and effort.

Of course, there are other things you should know about iPhone repair, and if you’ve got questions about a specific repair you’re thinking about doing, check out our other guides as well. Not only do we walk you through the step process of the repair, but you can also find lots of helpful tips and tricks along the way. 

Top 3 iPhone Repair Hacks 

Now you are well aware of the things that you need to know before moving on to the iPhone repair journey. Following are some fun iPhone repair hacks that will save you the trouble of scouting for a good technician to fix your smartphone:

iPhone Screen Repair Hacks

A cracked or scratched screen is one of the most common issues with iPhones. A broken screen can be expensive, but you can try hacks to fix minor damages. That’s how you can repair your broken iPhone screen:

  • Assess the damage

Before attempting any repair, check out the damage level to your iPhone screen. Determine whether it’s a severe issue or just a minor crack on the upper glass layer. 

  • Backup your phone’s data

It’s always wise to back up your phone’s data to ensure you don’t lose any valuable information during the repair process. 

  • Get packing tape

If the screen is about to fall apart, you can use a temporary solution to keep it from getting worse. Get some packing tape and apply it over the smashed screen. Make sure to align it properly and trim the edges neatly. 

iphone Phone Repair | iRepair Zone UK

  • Consider nano screen coating  

This specialised coating is specifically designed to smooth out the rough edges and give your phone a brand-new appearance. Remember that it can significantly improve the appearance but not completely repair the damage. 

  • Use the windshield repair kit 

Gather your kit and start by thoroughly cleaning your iPhone’s screen. Carefully apply the resin, and then use the applicator to spread it evenly over the cracked area. After that, cure the resin using UV light to harden and bond the resin effectively. Lastly, use a gentle polishing compound to smooth out the repaired area.

iPhone Water Damage Repair Hack

Follow the below-mentioned steps to prevent your iPhone from water damage

  • Immediately remove your iPhone from the wet area. Not quickly removing it from the liquid may lead to extensive damage. 
  • Power off your device. The sooner you can turn off your iPhone, the higher the chances of its recovery. 
  • If your iPhone has any case, remove it quickly. The case may be holding in moisture, and removing the case will allow the phone to breathe. 
  • Gently pat dry with an absorbent cloth. Ensure to get all the excess moisture off the volume keys, SIM tray, charging port, and headphone jack. 
  • Clean the ports using a cotton swab or a piece of cloth. Wrap a single layer of cotton around the toothpick and use it to absorb moisture from the headphone jack and the charging port.
  • Now dry your iPhone using an air dryer or place it in a warm place. The effective method is to simply let it air dry in a warm place for at least 48 hours.

Keep in mind to never try out hacks, such as placing your iPhone in a rice bag to draw the water out. These hacks have been proven false, as rice can leave a residue inside the charging port leading to even further damage.  

iPhone Battery Replacement Hacks

The following hacks can extend the life of your iPhone’s battery, so you won’t have to replace it any sooner.

Choose settings that minimize power use
  • Adjust the brightness of the screen or enable auto-brightness.
  • Change the auto-lock interval to a shorter one to prevent your screen from staying on unnecessarily.
  • Your home screen should be free of widgets as much as possible, as they constantly consume power.
  • For a minimal animation and visual effect, enable “Reduce Motion” in the Accessibility settings.
Manage app activity
  • If an app does not require constant updates, disable background app refresh. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh to customize app refresh settings.
  • Give location access to apps that truly need it. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services to manage app access to your location. 
Use battery-extending accessories
  • Consider using battery cases that can provide extra power when needed.
  • Keep portable chargers along with you for emergency top-ups while on the go. 


By implementing these top 3 iPhone repair hacks, you can significantly reduce the damage to your device. These simple and easy hacks are designed to help you address common iPhone issues while saving hefty repair costs. 

All you need to do is make an informed decision while choosing the most suitable hack according to your iPhone’s model. And make sure to prioritize caution no matter what hack you are trying out. Lastly, don’t forget to reach out for professional help when needed or when your device is excessively damaged. 

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